“Aamir” The Martyr.

Understanding Life and his chidhood at 12 Aamir  was the only son of his father Hailing from the outskirts of srinagar HMT. He was busy in doing arrangements for his sisters marriage. He was very happy as this was his first marriage function in his family. Aamir was one of the brillant student in his school and was praised by every teacher. Besides his education he was an adventure loving soul. This young boy from  srinagar had participated twice at national level in kayaking(Water-sports). He was also known for his best swimming skills in entire school. He was making his family proud in studies and as well in sports. That night he went to his sister and hold her hand and said, With whom i will have fun now? You are going to marry and leave us all alone! You are my best friend Dee. His sister felt sentimental and gave a saccgarine smille with her eyes filled! Suddenly they hear gunshots from the outside.Khudiya Reham(said Aamir’s mother running upstairs). It was a peak militancy time in kashmir and an encounter had just started between Army and Jihadi’s. Firing continued for hours from both sides and Aamir was lying on the ground holding her sisters hand.They were not aware that it is the last time that they will see each other. In the Ruthless Frustration Few Army men went inside the Aamir’s house and started shooting mercylessly. The incident took precious lives of three persons, Aamir, His sister and their mother. This was all happening infront of Bashir ahmad. A father and a husband!!!He was shocked,stoned and couldn’t respond to any of this. Indeed, He was petrified, Terrified, Horrified and Scarified. Next day, This incident made a great news in all the local dailies and radio/Tv channels. (3 innocent people were killed by a militant outfit in an encounter last night at HMT) Bashir Ahmad was a teacher by profession lost every thing and survived for no one.It took nearly 4 years  for him to come out of this mental trauma.Even today he keeps roaming from one place to another and most of the time he talks to himself. Doctors have kept him on medication and declared him Mentally unwell. His neighbours say that he has left his house and others properties untouched ever since his family was killed. 


                          No one can really understand the pain he is going through. People mock him, Tease him everywhere and call him Bashe’  Maut and he doesnt respond to anyone of them. All he is waitng for justice from Almighty.

P.S:” Dedicated to all those Aamirs(BRAVE SOULS) and All those Bashir’s of kashmir valley who became victims  of INDIAN ARMY during Tehreek”

Hence Continued!


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