Here We are We Stand Apart!

Battered and Bruised My Scars Ain’t Gonna Last. It is only Hoping from the love  that i lost.

           Disaster Takes it toll, Asks me to sing this ballad in “Rock n Roll”.

It is gonna be easy for me, Making her cry for what she ever loved me.

I was deluged in an illusion, Mean while she came to the conclusion, That she didn’t need me anymore. 

      Hey! I am not wounded or scarred but inside i am ugly and Marred.

I laugh at me in the mirror, First time i did call myself a Loser. I am not a prince so charming, Neither I am a handsome Fella! 

She saw something in me when she started loving and she said forever we will be together.

                                            Here V-r-V stand apart,

I need to be a better man, I take a new start.

I cry Honestly, Silently, Inside me and fate laughs at me. I am on my knees, I Beg and Plead.

                                                           “But All in Vain”

PS: This Poem is dedicated to my best friend Asif Iqbal Shah Aka Bean soeb.

Asif Iqbal hails from district baramulla who miserably failed in his “Mission One sided True Love” 


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