Don’t tell me it is “Alright”

Huthbura is a place famous for its greenery, mountains, gardens, lakes and waterfalls. This place falls in the outskirts of district ganderbal.  J.P my good friend is one among the residents of this district. Though people of this suburb have an antiquity of changing their Political dogmas and sail as the waves guide them. There lives a diamond, a noble, unselfish soul and all together an awesome human being Mr. J.P who completed his bachelor’s degree in hotel management from Pioneer Institute of hotel management Kashmir  in the year 2011 and soon after completing his degree he got a job as a an executive for a leading organization of India  in an another district which was 75 miles away from his home town. During his selection in the project J.P agreed to work in the district of pulwama and had no option other than staying there in a rented condo. J.P has always been an apple to everyone’s eye. He always lived his life gaily and had always stayed away from things that made him joyless and cheerless. As the time passed he became more amicable with this new place and started hankering it. J.P never fancy in love at all and he always thought love is for those forlorn people who always wanted to lavish their life but he was not at all aware that he could soon fall in love with a local girl there. Mesmeirzed and magnetized by her looks and astounded by her beautiful eyes J.P soon fell in love with this girl he used to see at the bus stop every day. This was love at the first sight. Though he didn’t know truly as yet what love is? That was the luckiest day in his life when he first noticed the crimson on her cheeks and coyness in her looks. Since that day she also used to keep waiting for J.P at least out of curiosity. She was from a nearby village called nilegaam. J.P soon bought a car so that he could easily steer his girlfriend ZUV  from her workplace to home. But all was not well. Who knew this innocent girl would cheat on J.P soon. J.P had introduced a childhood friend (Khan) name-held to his girlfriend who soon invited them to a get together party and started getting close to j.P’s girlfriend. J.P a plain sailing guy was very sloppy in nature didn’t mind this at all but who could have imagined that zuv would soon dump him for some paltry reasons which were unsettled in nature and  she went  on with khan. khan who instead of supporting his childhood friend (J.P) took this as an opportunity and went on. J.P couldn’t bear these things at all and very soon he resigned from the job.  The question remained in everyone’s mind.

                            Where did this broken and shattered heart go?

Well, the answer is J.P soon left his country India and found a job in CANADA. Currently he works with highly reputed  IT Firm as consultant. One day he received a call from an unknown number and it was zuv, J.P who kept the conversation very short zuv at the end of the call said, “It is Alright” and put the phone down. Shocked by his tale, here is the poem dedicated to my friend J.P alias (AKE-NANDUN)

Don’t tell me it is alright, you don’t know what i feel tonight.

I have cried my heart out, Faked another blackout.

Still sorry for every breath i take, can’t believe that is my fate.

Criminal that i am, don’t put roses on my grave.

Sorry (zuv) i couldn’t write you a song, because i feel so alone every time you are gone.

I am wasted away with the ashes in the burning rain, all the cigarettes cried out loud but all in vain.

                                 I have never felt so much pain

It is more that i can bear. Kill me if you love me.

That will be all the mercy you can share, I really gave it all up and no light ever showed up.

I really miss you and the life around me. It is still dark around me while i am in the spot light.






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