My “ByGone” Era

Well!! Today is my birthday. I don’t feel anything special about it.Neither i am cutting a cake nor bursting/ blowing balloons and candles.I never celebrated, In fact i was never among those lucky kids whose parents would ask them one month prior to their birthday’s(Son, What present do you want on your birthday? Ahhh!! I want a Lamborghini, And DAD proudly says consider it done and son say(You are best dad ever)!! Neither i got opportunity of my parents walking up to my bed on my birthday(like those of Hollywood scenes)waking me up and wishing me Happy Birthday, Then making me close my eyes and walking with me downstairs to the lawn asking to open my eyes and while i see my present (MY Lamborghini Car) in front of me!!! Hang on!! Lets cut this shit. Shall we, Reality is that was never me.Never!! But yes!! I remember once in 2011 when i was working with Microsoft. Around 11:55,when almost entire Microsoft floor gathered around me and wished me happy birthday. Imagine 65 co-workers taking me up by my arms and legs and bumping me up into the air, kicking my butt and the leaving me down onto the floor. It was all together an unforgettable moment experienced first time ever in my life on that birthday. Later on my friends took me to the cafeteria where we cut the birthday cake. It was my first ever birthday cake that i cut on that day. I felt so special. Today when i remember that moment i laugh at me and see how time has changed me personally and professionally.Through these years,i have learned to live happily no matter what comes to me, spread happiness, avoid negative people and invite positives in your life. I have learned to be strong especially from last 4 years which taught me the real meaning of resistance and Patience. I feel free, without any remorse, without any grudges to anyone, with holding any revenge for anyone. People often talk about torture, injustice, homicide and all but little less we hear about problems at workplace in kashmir. Yes, you heard it right.Kashmir is the only place on this mother earth where people see your Talent less and  praising your bosses  more. IF YOU AIN’T FOOTLOCKER OF YOUR BOSSES(ESPECIALLY KASHMIRIS) YOU AIN’T NOTHING.I was’t one among those Ass’s follower, but A talented rebel who wouldn’t want to be dictated. For them i became an outlaw!!! Despite being a guy, i have faced many challenges, problems, faced real mental traumas at my previous organization. I call that Git-mo, Yes short from for Guantanamo Bay Where my own people(Kashmiris) harassed me, dis-formed me, tormented  me emotionally and mentally. Those who were junior to me decreed me, Those who were near to me ,back stabbed me, Those who were taking, advises, suggestions for both of their personal and professional life left me unswerving like a victim of Vietnam war. Rumors spread, Lies became headlines, Gossips became dillydally and Sympathies charade. I at one point of time thought leaving my job and joining some better one, Even many other pseudo friends of mine suggested me the same, advising that i have talent and can crack any interview in many international organizations. I was very narked of working with many organizations in Bangalore and Delhi and didn’t want to go back to those places. In fact i had come back from Indian states spending almost five years.Slowly the all environment in my organization changed people calling me Muzamil Sir to muza . It was not our closeness of friendship but their attitude on relaxing chairs. Walhaz Yoou’er Became Wala Yoou’er Depressingly  not Humanely, sarcastically but definitely not friendly. One evening, i decided to stay back and accept all with what i had. I went through tough times of people mocking me directly and indirectly. Especially those who forgot that once they were they at very position i was and if luck,boot licking had not favored them then they would have been sharing the same boat i was sailing.

.  Times change,so change minds so change people and their perceptions.One day while sitting in the apple orchard of renowned justice of Baramulla, where my i was stationed. My thoughts rolled down into tears and gave strength to my pen, I wrote the these lines of Misfortune and now my forgettable past. It was my another muzamil, My soul consoling with me, advising me stay put and strong.
“Problems open new doors for you,Problems make you correct,Problems teach us new lessons,Problems reveal your hidden potential,Problems Build up your self-Confidence. You will be attacked, You will be teased, You will be Mocked and cheated. People will lie about you, People will break you,Recess you but you have to stand strong. Best part is in these tough times you stand alone and that is the time when you have to say I AM VERY STRONG!!!! I am not that person which you have heard from others, I am that person what you have to observe and analyse.Sometimes truth remains behind ROCKS and i am sure someone is looking above to remove that debris from my path of success.” Every day in every way i am getting better and better.”

I have programmed my self to be burden free of thinking my past. I roam revenge free and feel like a bird and with this confession of mine i also feel free of hatred, revenge, vengeance and reprisal  from all my four chambers. I seek good to every person who did injustice to me but then a quote of maulana Rumi written on the wall of my room reads as: “Those who dig holes for others, They fell in the same holes. No right in this world was left unrewarded and no wrong was left unpunished” Let me hit the hay now!! Sweet Dreams.

With Love
Muzamil Maqbool

“Muzamil Maqbool is a Peace Educator and Life-Skills Specialist at Various. He can be reached at”


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