My Beloved!

Last Year, on this day My Peer-o-Murshid left to heavenly abode, The world hereafter.

Noor Din Beigh  commonly  known as “LALA SOB”  to the masses.

He was great human being,mystic,Fakir and way beyond our imagination. He was seeker and lover away from worldly attachments.He had surrendered himself to God and became Sufi. He had dwelled himself into spirituality since his childhood.”Nobody wishes heaven if the price is death. Nobody  will wishes immortality if the cost is death but  this is what love is  “DEATH” from this arises the resurrection of new you, pure virgin and the calls of heart gets answered. until the ego is alive , there is no possibility of love to happen. when darkness of ego is blown away with loginess,urgency,search of truth.this becomes possible. For Rumi, it happened when shams Tabrizi arrived and stolen his heart and mind and then love occupied this vacuum. When someone asked shams (whose head was full of ideas and desire) he said, Tell me about the divine mystery. Shams said, i can tell you the mystery. but only to someone in whom i can see myself . This mystery i will tell only  to myself, i don’t see myself in you. I see someone else. The mind has to be emptied, fall attachments, greed , darkness,passion and for this the teacher  The sheikh has to hit lovefully until the mind is shattered. The existence of  the beloved cannot be proven physically nor it is a fantasy. This presence in best have been given many names in different cultures,yet the presence remains nameless. You may call it Allah, Brahman,Reality, Truth or any other name because that is what best mind can try to do. give the name to the nameless. The sheikh is a mirror, a reminder of that presence. Understanding of this mystery comes through the sheikh and transforms all the amenities of the seeker. Rumi says, I have  phrases in whole pages memorized but nothing can be proven. you must wait until you begin to live the love. be patient, utterly patient.The journey which begins with love towards GOD, A moment comes when finally union happens, all boundaries get dissolved. Then this “I ” is no more different from that. As Al-hillaj Mansoor cried out Anal  Haq(I AM THAT) then total emptiness. “I”  is no more then so who will call whom? Just a vast emptiness which is best described by sufi is ” HU” That which was. That which exists and will be. No word can ever contain the infinitude presence once the consciousness arises. After this volcanic experience, one says what happened,

Sufi Replied “Hu” “HU”



His  distance has made me write this ballad in kashmiri. 

“Durshun Haavum Laalo, Ye ‘Khna Soon’e saaalo. Durshun Haavum Laalo, Ye ‘Khna Soon’e saaalo.  Be paraan say az zaroori, che haavum Roi’e wen door’i. Durshun Haavu Laalo, Ye ‘Khna Soon’e saaalo.”

In your love i have lost my days and nights, i want, i want to embrace you with my love. come close to me! Come Close to me!
While crossing the river, i am stranded in the middle, i am struggling, lead me to the shore, oh! my guide my prophet! Lead me to the shore.
Secrets should be revealed to the compassionate. Why reveal it to the impassive, ‘O’my guide, my prophet!
Come close to me! Come Close to me!
‘o’ little bird, would you say it to this caged creature! what cure can be there for the death, it is trying to break this rattling cage. In your love i lost my days and nights, I want to embrace you with my love. Come Close to me, and Come.


May the Peace Prevail.

(Muzamil Maqbool is a life-Skills Specialist  and Peace Educator. He has worked with many international organization  promoting world peace. He can be reached at




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